Gapso is the choice of companies looking to make fact-based decisions, to get the most out of their assets and time.

We are different

Gapso is not a software factory and we do not provide off-the-shelf products. Our aim is to make life easier to plan complex production and make it even more efficient.

  • - A history of development and successful implementations in vital operations for key companies (see clients and case studies)
  • - Vast experience in understanding logistics and production processes and turning them into compliant mathematical models
  • - Implementation methodology that ensures quick results, by delivering partial releases, minimizing time,cost and risk.
  • - Specific robust development process for analytical solutions for planning (see how we work)
  • - Integration with legacy (ERPs and Others)
  • - Tool usability (interfaces that replicate the existing planning environment, integration with other tools for business planning etc.)
  • - Tool use flexibility (part-manual setting of planning before executed, post-optimization changes, re-planning, management cockpits, maps, viewing on mobile devices, etc.)
After Sales
  • - Ongoing contact with customers after tool implementation (user training, assisted operation, monthly visit to user group, support and developmental maintenance etc.)
  • - Monitoring and documentation of projects supported by agile systems to manage tasks and content. The customer monitors the progress of the project in real time and can consult the documentation through the Gapso Wiki.

Planning systems for whoever wants to decide more accurately and quicker

Compliant, efficient and reliable software, bespoke with deadlines and less costs than product customizations on the market.

Gapso develops extremely compliant planning analytical systems, based on the most advanced quantitative methods and built according to corporate information technology standards.


A compliant system is one that precisely contemplates the process and
methodology of the Company’s decision-making.
For processes such as logistics and manufacturing, we know the differences that exist between companies and sectors, making it difficult to use market compliant generic systems. We combine the customer’s knowledge of his business to fashion a solution according to their needs and complies with their reality.

Advanced Quantitative Methods – Decision Technology

Gapso has extensive knowledge in analytical techniques and an “agnostic” approach, that is, we do not limit ourselves to one or another method, or offer a generic solution for all cases. We know that sometimes one or another technique is the most appropriate, in others a combination of various.


Gapso sees that information technology is the way to deliver business intelligence. There is no point in having lots of experience in Optimization techniques without being able to leave it at the disposal of decision makers. We know that a planning system needs to be robust, reliable and easy to use, so we are dedicated to building solid systems using current technologies and a robust development methodology.